Sunday, September 2, 2012

Happy September!

As we transition out of the over-heated summer, and into the sumptuous fall, I couldn't think of a better way to celebrate than attending the LA Times anticipated event,  'The Taste'. 

Now, some people like to think of heaven as a never-ending, angel singing, cloud lounging paradise.
For me, it's a weekend devoted to tasting the best restaurants and having an unlimited supply of wine, beer and gin.  I love me some gin.

The 3 day extravaganza is spread out into 5 different events, the first one being 'Field to Fork', serving as a nod to all the Farmer's Markets in the area, as well as the ultra trendy movement of farm-to-table dining.  I'm a FM devotee, and love getting to know my farmers, how/where they grow their produce, and learning all I can about the process.  It makes cooking so much more enjoyable, because you know where your food came from.  You'd be surprised how little people know about what they put into their mouths.  Educate yourself.

Okay.  Back to the weekend.  I had been looking forward to this for some time, and was so excited to spend the afternoon on the Paramount Lot with friendly faces practically handing me free samples.  There were several stages set-up for demonstrations, including a cook-off between two notable chefs (Ray Garcia & David LeFevre), with the secret ingredient being...melon! Unfortunately, I didn't stick around to find out what they made.  I was too concerned with getting my fill of food and drink, as the event was only 4 hours long. 

Paramount Lot turned food mecca

Roxana Jullapat of Cooks County, making leftover dough into a yummy snack

Each booth was set-up with prepared samples, so there were never any long lines.  Some of my favorites would have to be:

A/K/A Bistro-Goat cheese polenta with honey dates
M Cafe-Peanut Kale Salad, along with Curry Tofu crisp
Valerie Confections-Candied Basil Panna Cotta.  I had this one twice.  Please do yourself a favor, and stop reading, drive over to the bakery and order this dessert.
Rocio's Moles-Chicken Mole, and Summer Squash Fritter

These are just a few out of the 28 restaurants I ate from.  It's times like that, you wish you had a second (or third) stomach, so you don't walk around feeling like the wolf from Little Red Riding Hood.  And just when you think you can't eat anymore, you find it in yourself to grab another tiramisu sample. 

 The event goes on today and tonight, as well as tomorrow, ending with a Labor Day Picnic.  Me? I wish it went on forever.

Foodie Love :)                      

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