Saturday, January 3, 2015

On 2015.

Happy New Year! We're day three into what seems to be a promising and outstanding year.  I can feel it.

Malibu, Calif.

After the Christmas chaos and New Year's champagne had been sipped, it was nice to settle into the calm weekend and really allow for some self-reflection and evaluation.  While I create intentions and goals every January 1st, this year I did it a little differently.

One of my favorite writers, Danielle LaPorte, has a fantastic book called 'The Desire Map', which is all about finding your Core Desired Feelings.

"You're not chasing a goal, you're chasing a feeling."

Other than her just being a knock-out spiritual warrior of a woman, I love the concept of building our lives and dreams intrinsically.  So often, we can run around chasing something we think we want, only to attain it and end up feeling more empty or disappointed than before.  I've been working on my CDFs for the past few months, and fiiiiinally whittled 'em down to these five:


Daring. That one makes my stomach flip.  In a good way ;)

What are some of your New Year resolutions or goals? Any words that come to mind, heart and soul?  I invite you all to conduct your own ritual of sorts, and get cozy with yourself and your wanting. 

keep mining + shining,


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